Show Your Spirit

We want to know your favorite things about Austin. Submit 1-3 videos sharing what you love most about our city for a chance to be featured on our social media channels! Answer the three questions below via video.

What do you love most about Austin?

Share a "weird" Austin experience that you've had!

Which restaurants do you think embody the spirit of Austin and why?

Filming Tips

  • Answer each question above with a separate video.
  • Record in landscape mode (horizontally). This will allow for the video to fill out the entirety of the video player.
  • If filming on an iPhone, use the camera on the back of your phone. The front camera’s quality is not as good on most phones.
  • Use plenty of light and try not to backlight. We want to be able to see your face!
  • Please be cognizant of background noise. You would be surprised by how much sound can be picked up when recording.
  • Find an aesthetically pleasing background.
  • Make sure that you are the main feature of the video and centered. If you are too far away from the camera, the background will take over and you will no longer be the feature.
  • Please wait 5-10 seconds before you begin to speak and let 5-10 seconds go by before you stop recording.
  • We highly encourage all videos to be in theme with “Keep Austin Weird” and our event. Some suggestions for doing that include filming at an iconic Austin landmark, dress up, or have an iconic landmark poster behind you. Keep it weird and Austin-centric!