The Course

Suggested courses

Participants can choose to run or walk one (or all) of the suggested routes or a route closer to home. If you prefer to run on the treadmill, hop on and complete your 5.12K. Whatever option you choose, remember to keep it weird!

South Route Overview.png


  • Start at 'Greetings from Austin Mural' and run or walk south
  • Turn Left at Johanna St.
  • Turn Left on Congress
  • Turn Left on East Riverside
  • When you get to Vic Mathias Shores (Auditorium Shores) turn right and run or walk toward the gazebo
  • Once you arrive to the gazebo, turn left to continue onto the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail
  • After visiting the Stevie Ray Vaughn Statue (on your right), turn left down the trail back to Riverside
  • Turn left on East Riverside
  • Turn right on 1st Street and run or walk back to the start


North loop_edit.jpg


  • Start on the Mount Bonnell walking path near the corner of Mount Bonnell Rd and Mount Bonnell Drive
  • Follow the Covert Park Trail at Mt Bonnell
  • After completing the Covert Park Trail, turn left and follow the path back to Mount Bonnell Road.
  • Turn right on 35th street
  • Turn left at Laguna Gloria to take the Laguna Gloria Trail
  • Loop around Mayfield Park back to 35th St

Directions while in Mayfield Park:

  • Laguna Gloria Trail turns into Lake Trail
  • Turn right at Lake View Trail and follow that around in a U shape
  • Turn right back onto Lake Trail, Lake Trail turns into Creek Trail, - Turn right on Taylor Creek Trail and follow the around to the right
  • Turn left on E Creek Trail and follow the trail around to the right
  • E Creek Trail turns into Bell Trail
  • Follow Bell Trail into Mayfield Cottage and Gardens
  • Turn right on 35th

Back to main course:

  • Run or walk down to Camp Mabry and loop back around on 35th Street
  • Turn right on Mount Bonnell Rd
  • Run or walk back to the starting point


East Loop Overview.png


  • Start on 6th and I 35th (at Austin Mural)
  • Take 6th street east under the overpass
  • Turn right on Robert T Martinez St
  • Turn right on Cesar Chavez and follow under the overpass
  • Turn right on Trinity St
  • Turn right on E 6th and run or walk back to the start Line